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TIGGE Data Archive Portal
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This data portal provides full discovery of all TIGGE data available online at NCAR. Data access options include an interface to browse and select staged forecast files for download and an interface to select parameters, grid resolution, and spatial subsets across multiple centers for download.
A number of tools for analysis and visualization of TIGGE data are available.
Programme Mission
THORPEX: A Global Atmospheric Research Programme is an international research and development programme responding to the weather related challenges of the 21st century to accelerate improvements in the accuracy of 1-day to 2- week high impact weather forecasts for the benefit of society, the economy and the environment. THORPEX research topics include: global-to-regional influences on the evolution and predictability of weather systems: global observing system design and demonstration; targeting and assimilation of observations; societal, economic and environmental benefits of improved forecasts.

The programme establishes an organizational framework that addresses weather research and forecast problems whose solutions will be accelerated through international collaboration among academic institutions, operational forecast centres and users of forecast products.

THORPEX contributes to the development of a future global interactive multi-model ensemble forecast system, which would generate numerical probabilistic products, available to all WMO Members including developing countries. The purpose is to provide accurate, timely, specific and definite weather warnings in a form that can be readily used in decision support tools, to improve and demonstrate such tools in order to reduce the impact of natural hazards and to realize societal and economic benefits of improved weather forecasts.

THORPEX is a part of the WMO World Weather Research Programme (WWRP). Since 2005 programme name became THORPEX: a World Weather Research Programme, where THORPEX means THe Observing system Research and Predictability EXperiment
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